What Is Roku ?

So, your friend advised you to buy a Roku for your HDTV but you were too embarrassed to ask him what exactly Roku is? Worry not though, for we will guide you and tell you everything you need to know about Roku, so the next time you visit your friends house, you can bedazzle him with all the info you now have and he doesn’t about the product.

The Roku is a streaming device manufactured by Roku Inc., a company that produces home digital media products. Anthony Wood founded Roku Inc. in 2002 and it manufactures a range of products that allow customers to stream content from their Internet connection. The Roku is one of their series of streaming media products, which can be connected to a TV to access various online  services. The Roku 3 is their latest in the line and has been receiving raving reviews from customers and is definitely one of the best streaming devices in the market.

Tell Me More About Roku?

The Roku has one of the best user interfaces among the set top box devices and has a speedy processor, which sets it apart from the crowd. Once you plug in the device and start streaming content , the speed of the Roku becomes apparent and it easily beats the competition. The device offers support for most of the major TV services, including Netflix, Amazon Cloud Player, HBO Go, Pandora, Hulu Plus and recently added YouTube as well. It supports more than 600+ channels apart from the major ones.

One of the most outstanding features of the Roku is not in the device itself, but in its cleverly designed remote control which houses a built-in headphone jack for headphone aficionados and people who have the habit of watching movies late at night and do not want to disturb others. This in itself is a decent feature, which can attract a lot of customers.

Roku also improved on their previous design with the Roku 3. The device is now a little heavier but looks better in the looks department. With rounded edges and a glossier look, it definitely looks better than its predecessors. The device can easily fit in the palm of your hand and with the added rubber feet on the bottom provides friction to hold it in place on various surfaces.

With the Roku 3 also comes its new and updated user interface. While the previous devices showed five channels on the TV, the Roku 3 displays nine channels that will increase in number once you start navigating further. The updated interface has also seen the Roku’s channel store integrated directly into the menu. The previous versions took the users to an entirely different interface, so the process has definitely become faster and speedier. To find the channels you are looking for, the interface has a menu bar on the left, which lets you select categories, making search much faster than before.

So yes, your friend gave you solid advice and you should definitely go for the Roku 3. if you are looking for a set-top box with great features as well as speedy service for an affordable price tag: $99.


Watch this Roku unboxing video that can give you a idea of what is a roku.


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