What is Hulu Plus

What Is Hulu Plus

There are numerous online streaming services available today, including Netflix, Vudu and You Tube. Most people are familiar with Netflix but not many know about Hulu Plus. So, what is Hulu Plus actually? Hulu Plus is a service which gives users access to instant streaming of movies, trailers, TV shows and exclusive content. Hulu Plus is the premium paid service of Hulu that allows users commercial free entertainment.

It is perhaps one of the best online paid services on the internet which allows users to watch TV on their computers and compatible devices easily. Users can watch the latest episodes of their favorite TV shows in some cases just a day after the episode is aired. There are shows with full seasons available as well and Hulu Plus has its fair share of its own exclusive content. By announcing a deal with BBC America, Hulu Plus ensures its customers get their favorite TV programs from the around the world as quickly as possible.

Hulu Plus has enough content to keep you busy and interested through and through. With archived episodes and exclusive Hulu series shows, it ensures it has a strong collection of content. Hulu Plus’ minimal user interface also makes sure the viewing experience stays comfortable. Hulu Plus, just like its brother website Hulu, does not show any ads on the interface but rather utilizes the TV show’s breaks to show the commercials. The service ensures the user gets a more convenient TV viewing experience, which the free web does not provide.

Some of the outstanding features of Hulu Plus are:

  • It lets you watch the past episodes again to keep track of the latest episodes.
  • It lets the user line up the shows and episodes for a convenient experience.
  • It lets users stream content in up to 720p HD Quality.
  • With the migrate option, users can leave their stream anywhere and continue on another device from exactly where they left it.
  • It is compatible with many devices, like your smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, Blu-Ray Players, set-top boxes and even gaming consoles like the Xbox or the PlayStation.

Hulu Plus is currently only available in the US and Japan although the company is looking to expand its market. It is a joint venture with the Disney-ABC television Group, the FOX Broadcasting company, the NBC Universal Television Group and other equity partners.

With a service that costs $7.99 monthly, Hulu Plus gives its users a free trial of one week. After that the subscription period starts, although the service can be cancelled anytime. So, now you know what is Hulu Plus so you can decide whether or not it is a technology you are interested in subscribing for.

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