What is a Smart Blu-Ray Player



All devises have turned smart these days so Blu-Ray players are no exception. You ask what is  a smart Blu-Ray player. Thats a relative question because compared to the Blu-Ray players of the past decade it wouldn’t take much to be considered “smart”. The Smart Blu-Ray Player of today is not just a Blu-Ray player it doubles as a streaming devices as well. Packed with features and apps comparable to your common hand held devices. Streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu & You Tube with tons more being added. Here’s a short list of features that no Smart Blu-Ray Player should be with out. First and most importantly, Wifi. This feature is king among others for the simple fact that without it setting up and using your new player could take more work than you anticipated. You may find yourself paying additional cash to have network wire installed in your home. (2) Hi-Def audio/video outputs; HDMI preferably (standard in most players now). These two features will allow for optimal hook ups to your flat screen and surround sound systems. (3) Make sure the Blu-Ray player you choose has the streaming apps of your choice, most manufactures offer up different combo’s of apps depending on the model you choose. Lower end models may only have one or two like You Tube and Netflix. Your more pricier models in the 90.00$-130.00$ range will have a full on assortment of them all.



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