TV Without Cable

Every American knows one of the most cost-intensive services in use is the cable TV package they subscribe to. It can amount to almost $1500 per year, which is why many of them have started to cut the cord, and the number of people unsubscribing to cable services is doubling each year. The rising statistics of these cord cutters is mostly due to the availability of streaming Internet channels that can be played on computers and even supported TV sets.

But to cut down on subscription fees for cable also means you lose the costly freedom to surf hundreds of channels. So, if you want to make sure you cut down the cost and save money and yet, not lose the luxury of watching your favorite TV shows and movies, you need to figure out how to go ahead with the drastic change. But it may not be as drastic as you think due to the availability of many streaming devices and services on the market. These streaming services are cheap as compared to the hefty price tag of a cable a subscription.

There are several ways to get TV without cable but before you plunge into the cost-saving ways, you need to make sure you do your research on what steps are needed. Even though Internet TV provides almost the same service as a cable provider at a lower cost, yet it may not provide all the channels for viewing pleasure for free. There are numerous streaming services on the Internet that provide numerous channels to fill your appetite but they come at a small monthly fee. But the subscription fee for streaming services online will seem trivial compared to your local cable providers.

Services like Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video and Netflix are extremely popular and they even offer free trials for you to test run the service before deciding to sign up for them. So, you can test these services for free before you jump on the bandwagon and determine beforehand if it’s the best service for you and if it provides you all the channels you watch regularly.

Purchasing a streaming devise, like the Roku 3, Apple TV, or Google Chromecast, will require some upfront cash but that price can lead to huge savings in the long run. Many recently released smart TVs already come equipped with built in apps to services like Vudo, YouTube and Netflix. Purchasing a streaming devise is the easiest way to get started, it can be quickly setup to your existing TV.

These set-top boxes do not cost more than $99, and some are even cheaper. Coupled with Netflix, Hulu Plus, or any other streaming service, and you are on the way to save a lot more cash. Gamers who connect their consoles to their TVs can also get TV without cable. Mainstream gaming consoles all have the ability to stream data from Internet through their respective stores.

So, TV without cable may not be a bad option at all if you think the cable providers are robbing you off your hard-earned money, or if you simply want to start saving but still want to enjoy movies and the endless reruns of your favorite TV shows.

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