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Hello and welcome to HD Rabbit.com. This site is dedicated to helping consumers cut the cord to cable TV.  If your reading this, then its safe to assume your either tired of your cable providers service or just done paying high rates for TV programming you never watch. Cable TV companies have raked in billions of dollars in revenue by reselling TV programs that are available to most consumers free of charge. Depending on your age bracket you may likely remember the old days when a set of “rabbit ears” was the only way to receive TV signals. Unfortunately in some rural areas of america TV reception was very poor hence the need for wired “cable” TV service. Since it’s main stream expansion sometime in the late 70’s early 80’s paid TV service has dominated how we watch television programs and most importantly the amount of money we are willing to spend to watch our favorite TV shows and sporting events.

Fast forward a couple of decades and over the air (OTA) broadcast television has made a digital transformation. As of June 2009 local television stations have been transmitting exclusively in digital format. This digital format allowed for better signal quality which translates into higher resolution programing with no snow or loss of channels. No need for a set top box just a digital TV a good HDTV antenna, program your channels and your all set. The most important advantage of this digital broadcast transformation is that you can receive true HD programming absolutely free.

HD Rabbit.com is here to help you with all the information you need to get ride of your paid TV service. If you haven’t already heard the terms “cord cutting” or “cut the cord” this is what HD Rabbit.com is all about. “cutting the cord” is what happens when consumers reduce there dependency on paid  TV service. Depending on you and your families entertainment needs you can significantly reduce the bill, even get ride of  your cable or satellite TV service entirely. We suggest that you do as much research you can about the alternatives to cable TV service. In todays world there are many options available to a savvy consumer who is looking to reduce some unnecessary spending, while still maintaing quality programing options.

What you will find here is tips, advice and reviews of products and services that will help you achieve your goals of cable and satellite  freedom.



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