Eero wifi system

Is your home wifi signal weak?

Having a strong wifi signal in your home is key to streaming video. As a “cord cutter” your entrainment is only as strong as your wifi signal. Depending on the placement of your wifi router there maybe some areas in your home that have less than optimal signal to stream HD video from your devices. A company called Eero has launched a new consumer product that hopes to tackle this issue head on.

Eero wifi system

This article was republished in part from C|Net

Eero thinks it’s time for a new philosophy to tackle home Wi-Fi: strength in numbers.

You may think your home Wi-Fi is fine. But the San Francisco-based startup argues that trouble is coming for you soon, if isn’t there already, as networks cope with more devices, more streaming video, the need to reach every corner of a home, and the obstacles and radio interference that hamper Wi-Fi signals.

Today’s typical Wi-Fi setups center on a single router, but it’s time for a new approach, and the big names in the business like Netgear, Linksys and D-Link aren’t adapting, said Nick Weaver, chief executive and co-founder of the 15-person company. That’s why Eero will start with a $300 trio of routers, with extras costing $125 apiece, and a smartphone app to help people set them up.

“Instead of one powerful device blasting a signal everywhere, you need to break it up into smaller pieces and distribute it throughout the home,” Weaver said.

To succeed, Eero will have to convince people that they need an upgrade to their current networks. With even premium routers costing less than $200, some persuading will be necessary.

The sales pitch will likely appeal to folks who are envisioning range extenders that use Wi-Fi or home powerline networks to reach better throughout a home — in short, the people who already think their Wi-Fi isn’t up to scratch.

Eero also can take heart that customers are showing some willingness to buy premium electronic gadgets like Philips Hue remote-controlled light bulbs, Drobo storage systems and Nest Learning Thermostats. And where some of those may be viewed as luxuries, stable and fast network access increasingly is a necessity.

Weaver, along with co-founders Amos Schallich and Nate Hardison, convinced some backers that it’s a good idea. Eero has raised $5 million funding from First Round Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Stanford University, Homebrew Ventures and more. With that money, the company expects to expand to 40 employees or so by the end of the year.

Weaver thinks more and more people will see their networks’ shortcomings when it’s time to stream high-resolution video everywhere in the home or to cope with dozens of household objects needing network access.

Eero in action

“Just go count all your light bulbs,” Weaver said. “We can handle many devices as you can throw at it.”

via Startup Eero wants to wipe out weak Wi-Fi – CNET.

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