Is Hulu Plus Worth It ?

Hulu plus is perhaps one of the best services for streaming online paid content available on the internet. With several major names providing the same service, consumers can get confused about which service to choose. Names like Netflix, Foxtel, and Apple TV compete for the subscription for online TV channels and it stands to figure out if Hulu Plus is worth it among all the competition.

For all these services, users have to pay a subscription fee, and Hulu Plus is competitively priced at $7.99 and offers a free week of trial to users who want to test the service before shelling out their hard earned cash. We could spend time comparing the service with others but let’s dive directly into the reasons that will help you determine if Hulu Plus is worth it or not.

Reason For:

Hulu Plus is full of features that set it apart. Not content with just providing you a large collection of movies and TV shows, it has been making exclusive deals with other channels to bring you new content every day. Since it is a subscription based service, it charges monthly and has no extra or additional cost for HD content, which means you can access HD channels without worrying about further costs. It also gives you the comfort of streaming your online content on your TV while you sit comfortably on your bed and enjoy your favorite shows.

Reason Against:

Hulu Plus runs a lot of ads throughout the shows and the customer’s viewing gets hampered by the running commercials. Since it is a paid service, users may expect it to be a commercial-free experience but this is not the case and a 42-minute TV show may have as many as 7 breaks for commercials.

Reason For:

Hulu Plus provides a help and support service that is better than most help services by other companies. In case of any crisis, you can email the company to which they respond soon. They even maintain a regularly updated blog that keeps you informed about every new release. Best of all, it takes into consideration even minor problems customers complain about and the tutorials provided by the company are one of the most helpful features for many users.

With Hulu Plus’s library expanding with numerous shows and movies at a rapid pace, it surely is among the best internet streaming services, and definitely worth the price. The only problem it faces is the barrage of commercials that it runs during the shows, but if they listen to their customers in this department, surely there’s no other service that can stop it from being number-one.

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