How To Watch Netflix On TV

Netflix is one of the best online streaming service providers and allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies online. It is cheaper than cable TV and can even provide the same level of convenience after a setting up exercise if you want it right on the big screen of your HDTV. So, if you are looking forward to subscribing to Netflix to satisfy your hunger for hundreds of channels on your TV, this article will help you do exactly that. There are three ways to watch Netflix on your TV and feel free to select any one. Let’s go over each one:

Method 1

You probably stream your Netflix channels through your laptop or your PC. In both cases, there are various accessories available on the market which will let you connect those devices to your TV, as long as it’s compatible. Most of the new TV sets are compatible with HDMI and VGA slots included on the back of the television. So, you first need to confirm if your TV supports these options, and if you have the HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) input, it means you have the best connection option which lets you watch content in HD

In case your TV does not offer the HDMI option, there are the VGA and SVGA options as well, Video Graphics Array and Super Video Graphics Array respectively, which allow you to connect the two devices. You may also need to purchase the essential connectors or adopters lest you don’t have the same ports on both devices. Once you have your laptop or PC linked to your TV, all you need to do is use the Windows feature which extends the screen to the TV, open your Netflix stream from the laptop and just start watching Netflix on your TV.

Method 2

Not everyone, however, wants to attach their laptops to their TV to watch Netflix and keep it busy. If you fall in that category, you would want a set-top box which can stream channels from Netflix on your TV without keeping your laptop engaged. Set-top boxes are available on the market from some of the best names in the industry, for e.g. Apple’s Apple TV, Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Amazon fire TV. These are just some of the names among many which produce these nifty devices and can take your viewing habits to the big screen. Available for less than $100, these tiny, mostly palm sized devices connect to your TV and via an internet connection, let you watch Netflix on your TV without hassle.

Method 3

Technology has merged industries together and the same has happened with gaming consoles which double up as not only gaming devices but tools for accessing your internet connection as well. So, if you have the newer models of the PlayStation series or Xbox, you can easily stream channels from Netflix on your TV. Gaming consoles have app markets which let you download the Netflix app, and on entering your credentials for your account, it gives you complete access to the channels and movies you paid for. This method is especially useful for gamers who also have an appetite for movies along with their gaming addiction.

Now that you know how to stream Netflix on your TV, you won’t have a problem in determining how to watch your movies on a bigger screen in contrast to the small screen of your laptop.

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