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Eero wifi system

Is your home wifi signal weak?

Having a strong wifi signal in your home is key to streaming video. As a “cord cutter” your entrainment is only as strong as your wifi signal. Depending on the placement of your wifi router there maybe some areas in your home that have less than optimal signal to stream HD video from your devices. […]

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Alternatives to Cable TV

  Alternatives to Cable TV   More and more people are starting to look for alternatives to cable TVĀ  services. With the plethora of online streaming services, free online TV channels, accessibility of Torrance and more, many previous cable customers are finding that they can simply pay for an Internet subscription and get by without […]

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Cut The Cord to Cable and Save a Ton of Cash

The cord cutting revolution has begun. The average cable subscriber is paying a whopping 150+ dollars a month in pay TV channels. If your reading this then your probably searching for alternative solutions to pay TV. With the current streaming services and net devises available to consumers there’s never been a better time to cut […]

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