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Eero wifi system

Is your home wifi signal weak?

Having a strong wifi signal in your home is key to streaming video. As a “cord cutter” your entrainment is only as strong as your wifi signal. Depending on the placement of your wifi router there maybe some areas in your home that have less than optimal signal to stream HD video from your devices. […]

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Is Hulu Plus Worth It ?

Hulu plus is perhaps one of the best services for streaming online paid content available on the internet. With several major names providing the same service, consumers can get confused about which service to choose. Names like Netflix, Foxtel, and Apple TV compete for the subscription for online TV channels and it stands to figure […]

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How To Watch Netflix On TV

Netflix is one of the best online streaming service providers and allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies online. It is cheaper than cable TV and can even provide the same level of convenience after a setting up exercise if you want it right on the big screen of your HDTV. So, […]

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TV Without Cable

Every American knows one of the most cost-intensive services in use is the cable TV package they subscribe to. It can amount to almost $1500 per year, which is why many of them have started to cut the cord, and the number of people unsubscribing to cable services is doubling each year. The rising statistics […]

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What Is Roku ?

So, your friend advised you to buy a Roku for your HDTV but you were too embarrassed to ask him what exactly Roku is? Worry not though, for we will guide you and tell you everything you need to know about Roku, so the next time you visit your friends house, you can bedazzle him […]

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What is Hulu Plus

What Is Hulu Plus

There are numerous online streaming services available today, including Netflix, Vudu and You Tube. Most people are familiar with Netflix but not many know about Hulu Plus. So, what is Hulu Plus actually? Hulu Plus is a service which gives users access to instant streaming of movies, trailers, TV shows and exclusive content. Hulu Plus […]

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What Is Apple TV

What Is Apple TV

Apple Inc. is a multinational American corporation, which operates in Cupertino, California.  Apple is most famous for its trademark line of iPods, iPhone, iPads and the Macbooks. But what is Apple TV? Apple TV is a streaming media player developed by the company which receives digital content from numerous sources that can be displayed on […]

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What Is a Smart TV?

The General Electric Company manufactured one of the first televisions, the Octagon, in 1928. The Octagon displayed tiny images on a 3inch screen and was never mass-produced. Fancy TV sets such as the Emyvisor (1936), the Marconi (1938) and the Motorola (1948) were developed from the Octagon; these products were only available as luxury toys […]

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Alternatives to Cable TV

  Alternatives to Cable TV   More and more people are starting to look for alternatives to cable TV  services. With the plethora of online streaming services, free online TV channels, accessibility of Torrance and more, many previous cable customers are finding that they can simply pay for an Internet subscription and get by without […]

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