Alternatives to Cable TV


Alternatives to Cable TV


More and more people are starting to look for alternatives to cable TV  services. With the plethora of online streaming services, free online TV channels, accessibility of Torrance and more, many previous cable customers are finding that they can simply pay for an Internet subscription and get by without paid TV service. If you are interested in saving a bit of money without having to sacrifice watching your favorite shows, there are some strategies that you can use to start cost savings today.

1. Sign up for one of the big three streaming websites: Hulu, Amazon and Netflix are three of the biggest names in online video streaming. Hulu features many of the shows that you might find on television the only catch is many of the shows air roughly a week and a day after their initial release. If you don’t mind watching some of your favorite shows online a week later, it’s possible you could ditch cable entirely and still watch all of the regular programming you would on television. The best news about Hulu is that you can access a lot of the content with commercials completely free. Netflix has you covered from movies and TV shows as well for just eight dollars a month.

2. Downloading your shows on iTunes: iTunes, Google play and Amazon make it easy to download your favorite shows on a per episode basis or per season basis. This means you can download the shows and play them to your TV over HDMI or a streaming device like chrome cast. The best news about this option is you can pay for shows as you want to watch them and you can enjoy commercial free programming.

3. Online sports streaming: most sports leagues offer up some form of streaming content. With passages such as the NBA league Pass, NHL game center and MLB TV you can pay for a season subscription which will allow you access to any of the games in your market or out of market in the league on your smart TV, gaming console or computer. Many of the live streams let you view several games at once as well as snap to various highlights to watch games after they have completed at an accelerated rate. If you are worried about losing sports when you cut the cord these subscription services will not only help keep you in the game but they will also give you access to more features than you ever got with cable.

If you are still a bit nervous about alternatives to cable TV  stay tuned to HD Rabbit for more informative articles like this.  Make no mistake the digital revolution is in full swing. There’re thousands of people all over America that are ridding themselves of cable TV every day.


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